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Public works Fringe Benefit Statement Form: What You Should Know

All firms who use workers with low pay rates or no fringe benefit allowances must have their employees complete the public works fringe benefit statement (FBS”). Frequently Asked Questions — All Public Works Contractors Labor Commissioner's Orders and Regulations The commissioner's regulations are published on the Labor Commissioner's website and are available for review by all contractors.  Fringe Benefit Statement “FBS” The following information is required for each wage and fringe benefit payment period. For a completed and signed public works fringe benefit statement (FBS”) you must submit the following documentation: Payroll Schedule‬ • Payroll Schedule — Complete with dates, employee's name, employer's name, employee's last name, employer's address, and the amount paid for each hour worked on a full- time regular work week. Payroll Statement Form‬ “Wash for Tax Compliance Wash for tax collection — All persons making or receiving salary, wages, tips, commissions, or other non-wage payments shall complete a Wash for Tax Compliance (“WAC‬). Form (“WAC‬). “FAS‬ — Complete a FAS (Form W-4)‬, stating that you have done so and have received the Wage and Tax Statement from Wage & Hour. See Tax Exemption Fact Sheet‬. “WAC‬ — Use the Tax Exemption Fact Sheet. Your Employer Identification Number “W-4‬ or “W-7‬‬. Public Works Wage and Benefit Statement For each employee in the public works contract, all employers providing services to the local government and residents (a) through the public works contract, and (b) will be required to complete a separate, public work wage and benefit statement (“WBS‬). This statement will contain detailed information about wages and fringe benefits. Employers with more than 20 employees must also complete the public works overtime pay statement (“OAT‬). Assembling Required Forms Complete and deliver the wage and fringe benefit statement to Wage & Hour, Room 814, 1120 L Street, Ste. 300, Sacramento, CA 95814. You should receive Form 888, Wage and Tax Statement, in the mail within 30 days.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Public works Fringe Benefit Statement Form

Instructions and Help about Public works Fringe Benefit Statement Form

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