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Statement of employer Form: What You Should Know

Form W-2 (with paper copy) is filed by the mayor (employer). The mayor must file Form W-2 if the wages paid may exceed the limit listed.  Mayors, such as employers and tax preparation offices, are required to file Forms W-2, with paper copies when submitting a report to the IRS. Form W-2 forms are not received by the IRS until an employer has actually paid the tax (such as on January 31st) or filed a corrected tax return. The IRS may require further information  before making a determination on whether to issue a ruling. After submitting a correctly executed Form(s) W-2 and the necessary documents, submit a Form 1008, Application for Federal Unemployment Tax Credit, and pay the necessary fees.  If you are an employee, complete Form W-4, Wage Information Return for Exempt Employees, and file the corresponding Form W-2. This is typically received on or about April 15th, to be filed with Form W-2 by October 15th. If you are a self-employed individual,  you should complete Form 1040 and file with your federal income tax return, Form 1040NR (Individual Return), Form 1040X or 1040-X, if claiming a refund, and with state income tax returns, if you filed an electronic return. Employees and Self-Employed Individuals (Sees) must report their compensation on Form 1040NR, Income Tax Return for Individuals, and Form 1040NRF, Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts. Employers should report their compensation on Form 1040X, Wage and Tax Statement. See our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) for information on using Forms 1040 and 1040NR. The IRS allows employers to deduct from employees' wages federal, state, and local income tax withheld and paid when they file a Form 1020. The Form 1040 must be filed by the mayor or employee, not both. There is a specific requirement to use the Form 1020 to deduct the entire amount due from an employee. The IRS uses Forms 1020 to compute the employer share of social security and Medicare taxes, and to compute the employee's deduction for social security and Medicare.

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Instructions and Help about Statement of employer form

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