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What is the Davis-Bacon Act and why are conservatives so opposed to it?
Davis-Bacon was part of FDR’s reforms to keep America from going communist or fascist. It required that workers on government projects had to be paid at least a “prevailing wage”.Now that we’ve established what Davis-Bacon is, I challenge anybody to name even one conservative who didn’t think the American worker was entitled to a fair shake. It’s also worth nothing that until Trump, this country has been governed by liberal exclusively since the Civil War.Bottom line: Your assumption that conservatives are against fair wages for workers is based upon facts not in evidence. Therefore, I challenge you to name me even one real conservative, with influence, who opposes such things.
How much bacon would it take to fill the grand canyon?
This is a tough question to answer - and also hilarious! - because of the variable cuts of bacon thickness. So, I decided to go with cooked crumbled bacon which has a standard measurement in cooking - 16 Cooked Slices per cup. Next we ask how many slices would be in a gallon... 256. Next we ask how many gallon are in a cubic foot... 7.48So, now we know it will take 1,915 slices of cooked bacon to fill a cubic foot of volume. Now, how many cubic feet are in the Grand Canyon? This is a big number... 3,567,619,557,675,858 or 3.5 Quadrillion Cubic Feet. We multiply that by the amount of bacon per cubic foot, 3,567,619,557,675,858 x 1,915And we get... 6,817.4 Quadrillion slices, or more accurately...6.8 Quintillion slices of bacon. To take this just a touch further... Bacon when purchased commercially is noted like this "13/15" which would be a normal slice of bacon. A 9/12 would be thick cut. What that means is 13/15 slices per pound, or 9/12 slices per pound. So how many pounds of bacon? So divide out answer by the average of 12/15, 14, and we find we would need 486 quadrillion pounds of bacon. Typical American hogs bred for meat weigh in at about 325 lbs, and about 15% of the hog yields bacon. (How many pounds of bacon are in a pig?) Which is about 49 pounds of bacon per hog. (That seems like a lot to me, but I'm not a hog farmer, so I'll take it from a Quora answer any day of the week.)So, that's about 10 Quadrillion hogs required. Currently the global demand for pork requires about a billion pigs per year. (Global Pig Numbers - World Hog Population, 2002)So, at the current global rate of production, it would take about one billion years to fill the Grand Canyon with bacon.Also, that's not taking into consideration the fact that in 2022 the park saw 4.5 million visitors, some of whom presumably eat bacon. So, you'd need to take into consideration some amount of shrink from people eating all that bacon that's just lying around. If every visitor ate two pieces of bacon - and really, how are you going to blame them for doing so? - that would equal 9 million lost pieces per year. All of this is to say, the answer to your question is that it would take an infinite amount of bacon to fill the Grand Canyon.
How do I fill out info to activate a Safeway club card?
At my Safeway in Spokane Wa. on Francis and Monroe. Just head up to customer service and ask for a club card if you would like to fill out a piece of paper with your info. And your card will be activated on your first purchase when scanned at the register. If you just want a card head to any register and your checker will go over to customer service and get you one. When you come to my register i’ll gladly grab you a club card if you would like one but i recommenced that you don’t fill out the in store paper but instead go to Safeway - Official Site or my preferred method is to call 1–877-SAFEWAY. The paper method can take up to 8 weeks or more before your info is up dated and you can use your phone number at the register instead of using your club card. If you forget the info is on your receipt or ask an Safeway employee for help.
How did the creators of The Oracle of Bacon figure out that Kevin Bacon was the most suitable choice for being the actor with most number of connections to other actors?
He was the perfect combo. Well known enough, but not a superstar.Also he was in movies with large numbers of stars in the cast.It made it ironic because of his tweener star status. Never a lead in a blockbuster, but in quite a few of them.As a player of the game in the early 90’s these were my go to links.Few Good Men, Nicholson, Cruise, Demi Moore, Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Pollack.JFK- Kevin Costner, Walter Matthau, Jack Lemon, Joe Pesci. John Candy,Tommy Lee Jones, Brian Doyle Murray,Donald Sutherland. These actors span both genre and era. Some of them have also been in other movies with large casts as well like Pesci.And he was in Flatliners with Julia RobertsSo now whoever you named I literally had really 15 or 16 stars that I could choose from to link in 5 degrees and Bacon was the 6th. So even though he wasn’t in a ton of movies at the time and Footloose was kind of a joke(though very popular andan important John Lithgow link) he was very “connected”.
How do film producers put out a casting call for "ugly" people? If they need a truly hideous, obese, acne scarred, buck toothed, no chin character to fill, do actors say, "Oh, that's me!"?
Yes. Acting is no place for ego, and that's readily apparent to anyone standing in front of an agent or casting director.Truth be told, that isn't the worst thing you'll hear from an agent. Here are some highlights of my short career:"You're not really black or white. You just look like a dirty white girl""The standard female wardrobe size is a three for this production. They can't use you""I love seeing people who haven't seen the play try the character!" "Wow, you really messed up the character!"Playing a character who is being bullied and having people call me fat, ugly, a loser, and a waste of a human life for 5 days that we rehearsed that scene and 30 minutes altogether throughout the production, in front of an audience of hundreds of people.Re-watch some movies and you'll see what actors go through in their roles. Mean Girls for example is a very popular movie and not many people consider the fact that everyone in the entire cast, other than two girls, was repeatedly called ugly.Acting is an art form. It's about shedding light on the real world. You have to know yourself well and be comfortable with your stereotypes. And it's worth it.If they can't find an actual "ugly person" for the role, they're just going to slap some makeup on Charlize Theron or something. Yes, she's an amazing actress who did a fantastic job in monster, but also yes, I would rather have seen someone who looked like an actual poverty-stricken addict in that role.The most important thing about playing a role can be truly understanding the character. It can be very liberating for someone who has been called "ugly" to play an "ugly" role….especially since movies calling for a "nerdy" "ugly" "plain Jane" character are usually the ones where that person gets a win for once.
How does one get invited to the Quora Partner Program? What criteria do they use, or is it completely random?
I live in Germany. I got an invite to the Quora partner program the day I landed in USA for a business trip. So from what I understand, irrespective of the number of views on your answers, there is some additional eligibility criteria for you to even get an email invite.If you read the terms of service, point 1 states:Eligibility. You must be located in the United States to participate in this Program. If you are a Quora employee, you are eligible to participate and earn up to a maximum of $200 USD a month. You also agree to be bound by the Platform Terms (https://www.quora.com/about/tos) as a condition of participation.Again, if you check the FAQ section:How can other people I know .participate?The program is invite-only at this time, but we intend to open it up to more people as time goes on.So my guess is that Quora is currently targeting people based out of USA, who are active on Quora, may or may not be answering questions frequently ( I have not answered questions frequently in the past year or so) and have a certain number of consistent answer views.Edit 1: Thanks to @Anita Scotch, I got to know that the Quora partner program is now available for other countries too. Copying Anuta’s comment here:If you reside in one of the Countries, The Quora Partner Program is active in, you are eligible to participate in the program.” ( I read more will be added, at some point, but here are the countries, currently eligible at this writing,) U.S., Japan, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Australia.11/14/2018Edit 2 : Here is the latest list of countries with 3 new additions eligible for the Quora Partner program:U.S., Japan, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, India and Brazil.Thanks to Monoswita Rez for informing me about this update.
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